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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Behold the Wall of Photos!

I am from a big family. 
I mean BIG.

We used to get family photos now and then... back when the twelve of us could fit comfortably in a 16x20 print.

I have nine siblings... ten of us altogether.  Plus parents.  Plus spouses (nine are married).  Plus tons of grandkids (I have lost count, but there are more than 30). 

My mom has been wanting a current family picture with everyone.  The trouble is, getting us all together and making us all look the same direction and smile is pretty much impossible... and it would be outdated too quickly anyhow (there were two grandkids born this year!).

So here is what we came up with...

Behold The Wall of Photos! 

Mom and Dad get to be the pop of color in the middle.  They are surrounded by black and white photos of my siblings' families... plus portraits of grandparents, wedding photo, snapshots of fun family activities, etc. 
The beauty of this is that individual family photos can easily be updated.  They can just switch out the photos as the family grows.
This display is mammoth... about five feet tall and about ten feet long.
The frames are from IKEA.  They come with glass and mats and are very reasonably priced.

My mom and dad love this.  The wall is stunning and they always get comments on it.   What do you think?

PS- Can you find Santa, a Clown and an Ice Skater in the photos?  I have colorful grandparents.


Beth said...

oh karyn! i just love it, a truly magnificent thing-- both family and the project

Unknown said...

This is so cool!!

Lovell Family said...

Love it! and I REALLY love the color of the wall behind them!

dmanning92 said...

I love it! I commented on it when I was home for Christmas!

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