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Monday, August 27, 2018

Fall Mini Session Sign up

Fall is in the air!  It is time to book your family photo mini sessions.

Mini sessions are great if you want a family photo and a couple of individual portraits.  These are perfect for families with young children. In a 10-minute mini session, you can expect 15-20 finished images in your gallery to choose from.  These may include family group pictures as well as individual portraits.  Mini sessions are fast-paced and fun.  These really are great for kids (and parents) with little patience for family photos.  Mini sessions are scheduled back-to-back, so please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time.
You may book two time slots back-to-back ($50/each) and you will get 4 digital downloads from your gallery.  Payment is required to book a session.
If you are interested in a full family session (more locations, more poses, more time), please contact me at kmnicoll@gmail.com or 614-556-6285 to schedule.

Here are some of the opportunies coming up:

On Labor Day, Monday, September 3 at the River Bluff Area of Highbanks MetroPark (8400 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus 43235), I have 10-minute family sessions available from 5-7pm.  Sessions are $50 and include two digital images that can be downloaded from your online gallery.  You also have the option to purchase more digital pictures or photo prints.  The first $500 goes to the Granby Elementary PTA. River Bluff Area is located on a scenic hilltop overlooking the Olentangy River valley and is a beautiful location for pictures. There are no restrooms at this location... be warned... or prepared.

Book a River Bluff Session

On Wednesday, September 5, I have family mini sessions at Wyman Woods Park (1520 Goodale Blvd, Grandview Heights, Ohio) from 5:30-7pm.  I also have mini sessions on September 12 and 19 from 5-7pm.  Sessions are $50 and include two digital images as well as the option to purchase more pictures from the gallery. Wyman Woods has an open field and wooded area. There are restrooms at this location.

Book a Wyman Woods Session

I will be doing family mini sessions at Hard Road Park (1250 Hard Rd, Columbus 43235) on Sept 8, 15, and 24.  Sessions are $50 and include two digital images as well as the option to purchase more pictures from the gallery. Hard Road Park has a wildflower meadow and woods. There is a port-o-potty at this location.

Book a Hard Rd Park mini session

In case of rain, an alternate date or location will be given.  Cancellations due to weather are refundable.  Cancellations for other reasons are subject to a $5 cancellation fee.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Family Photos! What should we wear?

Planning family pictures can be tricky.  You got a photographer and a great location, now you have to look like you've got it together.  
Here are a few tips to help you get a picture-perfect family portrait...
First of all, look happy!  Mom and Dad have to smile no matter what.  Little kids can be crazy and it still works.  If Mom is crazy, the picture doesn't work.  (This is a RULE and there are no exceptions to this one.)  Sometimes teens make weird faces... and that's okay.  Even if your kids aren't having it, keep smiling.  This family picture is a moment in time... good, bad, sassy, crazy, whatever.

 Start  with neutrals.  Gray, tan, cream, white, black, denim, khaki, etc and add a pop of color.  Try to mix up the shades of your neutrals (some light and some dark) so your family doesn't blend into an indistinguishable herd.
Choose clothes with a flattering fit. Not too (tight buttons pulling or clothes stretching too much don't look great). Not too loose either (giant pants gathered with a belt aren't flattering in photos). 
What about patterns?  Plaids, stripes, small prints, florals, etc can all work, but they are not recommended if the pattern is very busy or the colors are too eye-catching.  How can you tell?  Look at your outfit from a distance, where does your eye go first?  If you see your face first, the outfit works.  If your eyes go to your outfit first, it is to busy/loud.
Layers add dimension to your outfits..  An open cardigan or jacket is a slimming look. 

 Accessories can help unify the family's look.  Scarves, hats, bow ties, necklaces, etc add a great pop of color.

 Large logos and graphic tees are distracting...
But you can't got wrong with Scarlet and Gray in OH-IO!
These aren't hard and fast rules.  Below is a picture of my family that has become a favorite... and I did put it on the B side of our Christmas card that year.  The preschooler chose her outfit... lace skirt and athletic leggings.  And there was a lot of action going on. But this is very authentic.
This is better.
 Here we go... much better on a totally different day.
Photo credit Walking Heart Photography... thanks for your extreme patience Heather Cesarz!

Friday, August 18, 2017

LDBB Picture Day

I am so excited to be photographing at LDBB this coming fall!
I will be taking school pictures at each of the centers: Grandview Sept 27 and 29, Short North October 3 and 4 (please note these dates have changes from the original posting), and 5th Ave October 11 and 13.
Now when I say "school pictures" I don't mean gray backdrop and stiff poses.  Nope.

I am thinking dynamic lighting and twinkly lights.

I am thinking fun and natural.

Holiday lights will be available (don't worry they are plastic LED and don't get hot) as an option.

This will be fun!

Packages will start at $20, and you will be able to see your pictures in an online gallery before you buy.  Printable digital files as well as high quality photo prints will be offered (prices for photo prints range from $1.50 to $100).

Stay tuned LDBB, I will also be offering an opportunity for outdoor family mini sessions at the Grandview location.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Best and Favorites of 2015

2016 is well under way, but I did want to get this out there... my best and my favorite pictures from 2015.
(Mental drumroll, please.)

This picture... so what do you do if you don't have a big enough family to spell out OHIO?  Photoshop!  (This family does not have twins.)  We had a blast with this photo shoot!

Sometimes the outtakes are the best!  That face is priceless!

This photo shoot was for an elementary school teacher rock band!  (This is my daughter's teacher!)
 The lighting on this one... just so good!
 And the whole gang...
Hooray for creative educators inspiring our kids to learn and grow and enjoy life!

This family tried a couple of different poses, but this was the winner.  I love the sunny, warm lighting and the colors and the great smiles.

The youngest boy in this family had the best poses.  He moved like a model.  If everyone could be so cool and calm in front of the camera!

I love this picture.  I love this baby's story.  My dear friend found out just after the birth that she would be a mommy to this little angel.  The Christmas tree was set up when they came for pictures, and she truly was the greatest gift for this family... and I had a pink bow.

This family is so awesome.  Even the dog looked at the camera AND smiled!  Seriously, this is not Photoshop!

I got to do a newborn shoot outside!  Her big brother and sister helped pick the flowers used in this picture.  She looks like a little fairy baby.  And that tiny baby smile is so precious!

I love this sister moment.  So sweet!

This family has three ginger boys!  I loved working with them!  We hauled this little couch outside for the photo shoot.

This young man graduated high school and left for two years to be a missionary in South America! Not only good looking, but also just plain good!

It has become a tradition with this little guy to have a portrait taken with his beloved shark... every year.

And this family... my favorite!  
How did I do this?  I am holding the remote to fire the camera in my hand.  I see my kids everyday, but when they are frozen in time in this picture, I can really see how much they have grown!  My 11 year old is almost as tall as me!

Thank you to my fantastic clients for a great year of pictures in 2015!  Here's to a picture perfect 2016!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's All in Your Head

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is your picture saying about you?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Photos: What to wear?

Clients frequently ask me for suggestions about what to wear for family pictures.
Here are a few guidelines, inspiration, and suggestions...

Be comfortable and happy!  Parents: no matter what your kids are doing, look happy and look at the camera!  Kids can get away with being stinkers in pictures... parents can't!  See example below...
Yep.  That's my family.

Wear clothes that fit you well.  Clothes that are too baggy or too tight do not look good in pictures.  Avoid turtleneck shirts/sweaters (not flattering in photos!!!).  Also, beware of skirts and shorts that are too short... you may have to sit on the ground or kneel, so be sure that clothes cover what should be covered even when you bend and move.

No uniforms!  Do not dress all the same!  You have a unique family, let it show!  Matching polo shirts don't work out very well for everyone... especially women.  

Colors... pick two neutrals (ie- gray, khaki, denim, brown, etc), add a color or two (three if you have a big group).  Black and white are both very stark colors, so use sparingly.

Patterns are okay, as long as they don't demand too much attention (your Hawaiian shirt probably won't work).  Stripes, plaids, polka dots, small floral patterns... these add interest and visual texture. 

Layers and accessories... YES!  Not only do you get more options visually, generally cardigans and jackets can be very flattering.  Hats are fun. Scarves, necklaces, earrings, tights... they add color and texture.

Whatever it takes, BE HAPPY!  If this means your daughter wears her hot pink tutu because that is the only thing that makes her happy, fine.  

Now for some inspiration...
Neutrals: light gray and dark gray.  Color: green.

Neutrals: navy and gray.  Colors: mustard and royal blue.

Neutrals: navy and gray.  Colors: pink (light and dark... awesome!) and blue.

 All neutrals: denim, white, tan, gray, white.  Texture: leather, jeans, fuzzy sweaters, crisp cotton shirts.

Neutrals: tan and denim.  Colors: pink with colorful plaid!

Neutrals: Denim and grey and tan.  Colors: green and pink and red... our kids picked their own outfits and had very strong opinions.  Whatever it takes!

No matter what, smile!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby Naveah, Columbus, Ohio newborn photography

Back in May I got to do a maternity session for my cousin's daughter.  It is a challenge to look great when you are weeks away from delivering a baby!  Crystal made it look easy!  

I love her classic, simple, perfect-fit outfit paired with sassy metallic boots.  She also added a black ribbon as a belt, which helped define her shape and add a little interest to a plain shirt.  She accessorized with a black necklace and bracelet.  And there was a pop of red on her lips and nails.
We took these pictures in Dublin, Ohio at Coffman Park.  I love the variety of landscape and the cool buildings there.  

And then Naveah was born!
 I love newborns!  They are so soft and sleepy and wonderful!  Naveah slept like a champ.
 Naveah was an angel for the whole session.

Here she is with her daddy.
Goodness, this was only two months ago, and now this little girl is getting chunky and changing so quickly.  Newborns are tiny for such a short time.  They grow and change so quickly (much to our delight and dismay)!  Capture those sweet moments and memories before it's too late.