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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marry Me?

On Saturday, I took pictures for a newlywed couple at the Columbus, Ohio Temple.  As we wrapped up their photo session and headed out of the gardens surrounding the Temple, I noticed two bears on a bench.

At first I thought the bears might have belonged to the couple who just got married.  But they walked right past.
Curious, I took a closer look and noticed the dazzling necklace the bride bear wore.

The pendant said "Marry Me?"
Oh boy.  I knew something big was about to go down... and so I waited around the Temple grounds.
Soon, an adorable couple entered the gate and started down the path.  I knew it had to be them (though I have never met them before)!

And so I followed from a distance with my camera ready.  He got right to business...

He is down on one knee... hoping for a YES!

Woohoo!  Looks like a yes.
Then I boldly moved closer.
And she is swept off the ground!

It was so sweet.  I was getting all teary-eyed.

And here comes the ring...


And here is the bride-to-be with a dazzling ring!

Check out his smile!  Well done!

No proposal would be complete without a kiss!


So romantic.

I figured I had intruded enough, so I handed them my card and told them to contact me for the pictures.  I didn't even know their names.
But I do now...

Congratulations BreAyne and Lucas!


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