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Friday, April 20, 2012

Warrior Run!

This is Wellness Week at school, and the culminating event was yesterday... the Wellness Warrior Run! All of the 4th-6th graders from our district were invited to participate in the adventure race.  Parents and staff were invited to race too.  The racers were split by grade and gender and sent out in waves every ten minutes or so.
 The course was about a mile long with barriers, obstacles, tunnels, MUD, and real live warriors!
 Good clean, fun... except for the mud part.
 Dodging the warriors to get to the finish line...

 Some kids got muddier than others.
 The Principal Spencer and Coach Armstrong battle it out in the mud...

 I did the race too... and I got muddy (My legs are not tan.  That is mud).

This was an outstanding event!  The community was involved.  Everyone had a great time.  The course was fun and challenging.  What a fun way to encourage wellness and get everyone active!