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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Family Photos! What should we wear?

Planning family pictures can be tricky.  You got a photographer and a great location, now you have to look like you've got it together.  
Here are a few tips to help you get a picture-perfect family portrait...
First of all, look happy!  Mom and Dad have to smile no matter what.  Little kids can be crazy and it still works.  If Mom is crazy, the picture doesn't work.  (This is a RULE and there are no exceptions to this one.)  Sometimes teens make weird faces... and that's okay.  Even if your kids aren't having it, keep smiling.  This family picture is a moment in time... good, bad, sassy, crazy, whatever.

 Start  with neutrals.  Gray, tan, cream, white, black, denim, khaki, etc and add a pop of color.  Try to mix up the shades of your neutrals (some light and some dark) so your family doesn't blend into an indistinguishable herd.
Choose clothes with a flattering fit. Not too (tight buttons pulling or clothes stretching too much don't look great). Not too loose either (giant pants gathered with a belt aren't flattering in photos). 
What about patterns?  Plaids, stripes, small prints, florals, etc can all work, but they are not recommended if the pattern is very busy or the colors are too eye-catching.  How can you tell?  Look at your outfit from a distance, where does your eye go first?  If you see your face first, the outfit works.  If your eyes go to your outfit first, it is to busy/loud.
Layers add dimension to your outfits..  An open cardigan or jacket is a slimming look. 

 Accessories can help unify the family's look.  Scarves, hats, bow ties, necklaces, etc add a great pop of color.

 Large logos and graphic tees are distracting...
But you can't got wrong with Scarlet and Gray in OH-IO!
These aren't hard and fast rules.  Below is a picture of my family that has become a favorite... and I did put it on the B side of our Christmas card that year.  The preschooler chose her outfit... lace skirt and athletic leggings.  And there was a lot of action going on. But this is very authentic.
This is better.
 Here we go... much better on a totally different day.
Photo credit Walking Heart Photography... thanks for your extreme patience Heather Cesarz!