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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Newborn Photography: Cora

I have been busy lately.  I had a baby!
This is our little Cora...
 I was so excited to do her newborn photos!  I waited until Cora was five days old (the best time is 3-12 days old).  For Cora's photos, I pulled out this gorgeous table runner that we got as a wedding gift almost 13 years ago.  The fabric is too pretty to use... for eating on... but it is just right for precious babies.  I have photographed all of our babies wrapped in this beautiful table runner.

Then I did some simple pictures... soft colors, swaddled baby...  
 The bow is pasted on with a tiny drop of corn syrup (it comes right off with a few drops of warm water).

I have an antique dough bowl that I bought for taking baby pictures.  The bowl is huge and solid and weathered to perfection.  I filled the bowl with shredded paper from a gift basket.  It makes a lovely nest.

This is my favorite picture... Cora has really happy dreams.

Really... she smiles in her sleep all the time.

 This was my most perfect baby photo shoot ever... Cora didn't pee on anything.  And she slept through it all.
Then our older girls came home from school...
All done.  :)