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Monday, April 21, 2014

Powell, Ohio: Engagement pictures on a cold day

I was asked to do some engagement pictures for a cute couple.  He is a med student at OSU.  She is from California and was here visiting her fiance for a few days... so we weren't very flexible on dates.  And the day for the photo session came and it was freezing cold outside!
 I don't know if you know any Californians, but they don't like cold.  (Honestly, I don't like it much either.)
 So outdoor locations were out of the question.  What to do?
 We headed up to Powell and shot in the local ice cream shop (which was quite empty due to the cold weather)...

And then we went next door to an antique shop.

They wished there was a way to register at an antique shop.  So many cool finds!

Browsing through the treasures and junk was just fun for all of us.

 My mom always said, "Desperation leads to inspiration."  Which is true!  With nowhere to go, an ice cream shop and antique store turned out to be brilliant locations.