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Monday, August 26, 2019

Fall 2019 Family Mini Session Bookings

I am excited for this season's lineup of mini sessions!
I have some beautiful locations to choose from in Grandview, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Powell, and Columbus.
Mini sessions are an affordable way to get family and individual pictures... perfect for holiday cards, gifts, etc.  Mini sessions are $50 for the 10 minute session sitting fee and two digital image downloads.  Additional digital pictures and photo prints can be purchased separately.  Mini session galleries typically have 15-20 images to choose from.  If at the time of the session, you know you will want all the digital pictures, I offer a deal of $200 for all the digital images in your gallery (this deal saves you $50).
Because these sessions are outdoors, weather may disrupt the plans.  Should your session be rained out, you will have the option to reschedule or cancel with no penalty.

Powell Sunflower sessions:
These sessions are at a park in Powell where there is a patch of sunflowers.  It is gorgeous and summery.  Dates for this location are August 31 and September 2.  

Hard Road Park sessions:
Hard Road Park has wildflowers and a beautiful meadow/forest backdrop.  It is one of my favorite places to shoot.  Dates for this location are Sept 9 and Oct 8.  Please note, this park only has port-o-potties... plan accordingly.

Wyman Woods Park sessions:
This Grandview park has a beautiful forest at a very fun park.  Dates for this location are September 6 and October 4.

Fancyburg Park Sessions:
Located in Upper Arlington, this park has a fun small wooded area.  Dates for this location are September 21 and October 11.

Modern Old Dublin Sessions:
These sessions will be different for sure.  Old Dublin has a fabulous new library with modern grounds surrounding the building.  Photos here will be more urban style with architecture and brick walls, benches, etc.   Dates for this location are Oct 2.
(picture coming soon!)

For suggestions on what to wear, click here.  And for making the most of your session, click here.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Make the most of your family session

So you've booked a family photo session.
Outfits are picked.  (Need help with that?  Click here.)
Now what?

Well, here are a few tips and tricks to get the best session possible.

Don't come hungry.  No one likes to smile when they are hungry.  If the timing doesn't work with a meal before, get a snack.  Pro tip: don't get your photo outfits stained and messy!  Stick with a snack that won't stain: cheese sticks, crackers, carrots, grapes, apple, etc.

Arrive early.  Allow plenty of time to find the location, park, and do any last minute prep (brushing hair, etc).  Family photo mini sessions are often scheduled back-to-back without much time in between, so arriving late may cut into your photo time.

Come happy!  If possible, schedule  at a time when you won't be rushed.  Listen to upbeat music on the way.  Keep the vibes positive.  I know in real life, it is easy to have something (or everything) go wrong.  Try to keep smiling.  You don't have to be a perfect family to capture a perfect memory. Pro tip: kids can get away with being crazy, but Mom and Dad have to smile through it all!  If Mom doesn't look good, the photo just doesn't work (Am I right?!).

Bring stuff.  If you have little kids, bring a favorite toy, blanket, book, bubbles, etc.  Some kids are nervous in front of the camera, and a beloved toy can help put them at ease. Plus, your photographer may be able to use it to get the child's attention, or use it as a prop.

Go with it!  Some of the best pictures are spontaneous and unplanned.  Have fun connecting with your family.  Be flexible and open-minded.

Bribes.  I have been there.  I will not judge.  Please keep your promises.  And please do not bribe with colorful candy that will turn mouths blue, green, red, purple, etc or make a mess otherwise. Small marshmallows, Smarties, fruit snacks, dry cereal for the little ones... these are all good options.