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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jen and Derek: Boulder, Colorado wedding story

This summer, my sister-in-law got married.  This was such a fun wedding.  She didn't really have a wedding photographer... because her brother and sister and I are all professional photographers.  So Chris covered the videography.  Betsy shot from one angle, and I took the other.  
The ceremony started with Penny leading Derek down the aisle.  Penny looked amazing in her tutu.

Penny stopped to sniff Ruby.

 The parents of the bride walked her down the aisle.  The bride's mother broke her ankle hours before the ceremony, and she walked down the aisle in heels anyhow!
Here comes the bride!  Jen looked gorgeous in her green gown.

So beautiful!  Everything was just perfect.  The weather was lovely, a skydiver landed in the park during the wedding... not part of the plans... but so fun and fitting.

A friend of the bride and groom officiated.

The vows were just right.

Hooray for Jen and Derek!

The bride and groom led the way down the aisle...
 across the park...

to the party!

Penny did not get enough attention.  Poor pup.

 The details made the evening so much fun!

The kids had a blast!

So did the bride and groom!


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