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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The first peek...

 It is a magical moment when a couple about to be married sees each other for the first time dressed up as a bride and groom.  (And it is so fun to catch the magic on camera!)
This couple did the couples photo shoot the evening before the wedding... so I made sure to be there for the big reveal!
Alli's dress was from a beloved aunt, the shoes were her sister's, the veil from her sister-in-law, the necklace from her mom... all the women in the family put this bride together!
 There was plenty of laughing and jokes and fun...

But then there were breath-taking moments of love and joy.
When Alli's dad saw his little girl in the wedding dress for the first time, his jaw dropped.  And it stayed dropped for a long moment.
 She was quite stunning.

Meanwhile, Jordan was outside, just around the corner, waiting to see his bride-to-be.
Here she comes!!

Then he saw her for the first time. 

"Awww. Come here Baby."

 Well done.

(And there I am in the stripey shirt with the backpack.  Clicking away!)

Then it was off to the park for a whirlwind bridal session! 

Check back for the bridal portraits soon!


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