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Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Photos: What to wear?

Clients frequently ask me for suggestions about what to wear for family pictures.
Here are a few guidelines, inspiration, and suggestions...

Be comfortable and happy!  Parents: no matter what your kids are doing, look happy and look at the camera!  Kids can get away with being stinkers in pictures... parents can't!  See example below...
Yep.  That's my family.

Wear clothes that fit you well.  Clothes that are too baggy or too tight do not look good in pictures.  Avoid turtleneck shirts/sweaters (not flattering in photos!!!).  Also, beware of skirts and shorts that are too short... you may have to sit on the ground or kneel, so be sure that clothes cover what should be covered even when you bend and move.

No uniforms!  Do not dress all the same!  You have a unique family, let it show!  Matching polo shirts don't work out very well for everyone... especially women.  

Colors... pick two neutrals (ie- gray, khaki, denim, brown, etc), add a color or two (three if you have a big group).  Black and white are both very stark colors, so use sparingly.

Patterns are okay, as long as they don't demand too much attention (your Hawaiian shirt probably won't work).  Stripes, plaids, polka dots, small floral patterns... these add interest and visual texture. 

Layers and accessories... YES!  Not only do you get more options visually, generally cardigans and jackets can be very flattering.  Hats are fun. Scarves, necklaces, earrings, tights... they add color and texture.

Whatever it takes, BE HAPPY!  If this means your daughter wears her hot pink tutu because that is the only thing that makes her happy, fine.  

Now for some inspiration...
Neutrals: light gray and dark gray.  Color: green.

Neutrals: navy and gray.  Colors: mustard and royal blue.

Neutrals: navy and gray.  Colors: pink (light and dark... awesome!) and blue.

 All neutrals: denim, white, tan, gray, white.  Texture: leather, jeans, fuzzy sweaters, crisp cotton shirts.

Neutrals: tan and denim.  Colors: pink with colorful plaid!

Neutrals: Denim and grey and tan.  Colors: green and pink and red... our kids picked their own outfits and had very strong opinions.  Whatever it takes!

No matter what, smile!


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